COREGEAR® Custom Misters

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weight (empty) = 9.9 ounces, weight (filled) = 3lbs 3.3 ounces, 12″ H x 7.5″ W x 5″ D.

Sturdy PET plastic bottle, contoured grip handle with trigger for continuous operation, adjustable brass nozzle for mist/spray settings, lanyard and bag/belt clip included for portability, no batteries required.

Add water to fill line (40 ounces), pump 10 times, press trigger for continuous mist/stream.

Your very own custom mister in 3 easy steps.

How it works:

Step 1: Design your mister in the customization station.
Start by selecting the color of your bottle, pump/handle, nozzle, and bag/belt clip. Click inside the thumbnail color swatch to select color. You will see your custom mister change to match your selection. Once you have selected these required components, your custom mister price will appear.

Step 2: Choose optional accessories.
Now select from the optional accessories by clicking the thumbnail color swatch.  As you add or subtract options, your custom mister price will automatically update.

Step 3: Select quantity and Add to Cart
Once you have completed your custom mister design, select the quantity desired using the +/- buttons to change quantity. Your total will adjust accordingly. Then click on the Add to Cart button to send your design to the cart. This will add your design to the Cart and reset the customization station to create an additional custom mister if desired.

Once you are completely finished, click on click the View Cart button to finalize your purchase.


If you experience any technical difficulties or have questions, please contact us.