• COREGEAR FAVORITE WITH FULL ZIPPERED SLEEVE: Neoprene zippered ultra COOL SLEEVE keeps the water cold for three times as long!
  • FUN & FUNCTION VARIABLE NOZZLE SETTINGS: High quality brass nozzle adjusts from a cooling mist which causes air temperature to drop 10-30 deg to a strong 20 foot stream for fun water battles or cleaning.
  • STURDY AND PORTABLE: High quality PET plastic, adjustable brass nozzle, stainless steel pump mechanism, carrying strap with belt/bag clip for on the go portability
  • MANY USES: Personal Cooling, Pet Cooling, Bird Baths, Horse Fly Spray, Auto/Boat/RV Detailing, Pet Training, Livestock Sprayer, Garden Mister and Weed Sprayer, Campsite cleaning, Water Balloon Filler, and more!
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: CoreGear since 2011, guarantees 100% satisfaction or your money back!
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  1. Cece

    That being said, I actually really liked this product and will give it five stars. It is rare for me to rave about products lately, but even though this is about $18 full price, it really is nice. It was larger than I expected and I find that besides for running and athletic activities, I can get a lot of use out of it for misting and watering plants on the balcony. It has a large volume for water and mists evenly. It is easy to pump, to build up pressure, and to adjust the spray. I have attached photos of the mist setting, as well as turned for spraying in a jet. At full pressure, it can spray up to 5 feet, as shown in the third photo. You don’t want to turn the nozzle too far over, or else you will get leaks on the side. I also showed how much my dog likes playing with the spray. It is a good way of cooling down both man and beast in the summer, as well as keeping moisture on plants. Oh, and I loved the little insulating jacket that has a zipper on it. It also comes with a caribiner and 2 straps (a longer one for carrying over the shoulder and a short loop for attaching to things). Overall, a cool and practical product, great gift idea for a gardener or someone sporty, too.

  2. Diane Weaver

    A ++++ 6 stars if I could give that. Whoa!! I have needed something like this for years for all the hot summer outdoor events. Now I have it. This is a very creative product and the description of it was delivered as expected. I is very easy to use. I love the pump – no batteries to have to contend with. The mist is fine and sprays a long time with only 10 pumps of the pumper. I like that sprays about 1 to 2 feet. The carrying strap is nice and the neoprene Jacket is a really strong feature of the product. It basically keeps the condensation away. This is one of those products that can be used for multiple things, which in my opinion makes it a good buy. You can spray and mist yourself or anything else that needs water! Like they said in the description Personal Cooling, Pet Cooling, Bird Baths, Horse Fly Spray, Auto/Boat/RV Detailing, Pet Training, Livestock Sprayer, Garden Mister and Weed Sprayer, Campsite cleaning, Water Balloon Filler, and more! Thank you CoreGear for creating a great product. This would make a great gift and could be fun to buy for kids in lieu of water guns. I am taking this to the beach with me soon.

  3. Mike Walker

    Awesome product. We bought this for my son as he plays soccer. We used it extensively this weekend and ALL of the team loved it. The mister worked very well. I expected more of a spray bottle type of output from it but it is a much finer mist which works much better as it doesn’t soak the kid. It only takes 3 or pumps to pressurize it. Definitely recommend this to anyone that plays summer sports. We bought the neoprene covered version and it is very well put together. Would highly recommend this product to anyone who plays or has kids that play summer sports. Note: the mister nozzle can also be turned and used as a squirt gun for a little “after the game” fun.

  4. Graham

    This CoreGear USA Mister is PERFECT for the Summer!!!! With a sweaty toddler and a pregnant wife, we will be taking this on our trips to the zoo, the park and really anywhere we will be outside. I love that it has a wide enough opening to drop ice cubes into the tank and the neoprene sleeve helps keep the water cold and to keep it from sweating everywhere. It has a strap so we can just put it on the handle of the stroller and then it’s easily accessible. I like the quality parts and stainless steel nozzle and pump and that the mist is adjustable. This should definitely last longer than those plastic water bottle misters.

  5. philyaw

    My youngest son and I both have low blood sugar. When we get hot we dehydrate quickly, and our blood sugar drops fast.It doesn’t matter if we ate well or not, the heat drains us.
    We love to spend time outdoors,swimming, fishing, camping, and anything else we can think of. This mister is so easy to use, You simply unzip the thermal sleeve and twist the top off your sprayer,
    There is a waterline sticker on your bottle and you fill it with water to the sticker. Eventually that sticker is going to wear off so having an actual indicator line imprinted on the bottle would have been better, but l can guesstimate who much water to use.
    To mist water, just pump plunger a few times and press the button on top of the handle, it really is that easy.
    There is a convenient carry strap and I am so glad because it makes it easy to grab and go.
    You can adjust your mist with the nozzle, it twists for spray or stream and everything in between.
    I have previously owned a mister bottle with a fan on top, that broke within a few weeks of use, but this mister is made a lot better. I look forward to enjoying this mister the rest of the summer. We have taken it on three boat outing so far and my son has used it in our own yard while playing outside on the blacktop driveway. It’s easy enough that he do it himself. (He’s 8)

  6. Brian

    Love this…the ultimate mister!
    Holds a lot of water…and keeps it cool.
    I wish I had this when I was last at Burning Man.
    Extremely cooling and refreshing.
    High quality brass nozzle with adjustable spray pattern.
    recd at discount for review

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