Personal Mister & Sprayer (Mist 30)

CoreGear CLASSIC JR™ 1.0 Liter Pump Mister & Sprayer Bottle


Our slim 1 Liter COREGEAR | USA Misters™ Personal Mister & Sprayer will keep you cool all day long, with an even more portable size! The smaller 30 ounce bottle has a wide neck, making it easy to fill with ice and water. No batteries required — after 10 pumps, it’s ready to spray a fine mist that actually temporarily reduces the air temperature. The solid brass nozzle adjusts the spray from a fine, cooling mist to a water gun-like stream. The mister comes with a lanyard and carabiner-styled bag/belt clip for easy portability.

Personal Mister & Sprayer Available in BLUE, PINK, RED, and TEAL

Dimensions:  12” x 7” x 4”
Weight: 8.1 oz

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Blue, pink, red, Teal

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